Hank Aaron, Dr. Michael J. Axe

Hank Aaron, Dr. Michael J. Axe

Michael J. Axe, M.D.

Baseball recently lost a great man.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Aaron while doing baseball research during my fellowship with James R. Andrews M.D. in Florida.

While at the Braves minor league camp in West Palm Beach Florida I saw Hammering Hank out running by himself. I asked if I could join him the next day( my last of two days I would be there). I was very excited about our scheduled 4 PM run.

The next day, Dr. Andrews came in unexpectedly and so did two of our patients, Jack and Steve Nicholas . After the visit ( conducted in the Braves locker room) we were invited that afternoon at 4 PM for golf lessons and dinner at his golf club.

I now had to make my most difficult social decision of my early career. Run with Henry Aaron or golf lessons with Jack Nickolas….

It was a “special “ run.

Michael J. Axe M.D.