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What is Orthopedics?

You should see an orthopedic doctor when you experience chronic pain in the joints, muscles, bones, nerves, skin, tendons, or ligaments. But do you know what orthopedics entails? Today, we explain what orthopedics is, common orthopedic problems, and when to see an orthopedic specialist. Let's get to it!

What is Orthopedics?

Orthopedics is a medical specialty focusing on diagnosing, correcting, preventing, and treating musculoskeletal deformities. Initially, orthopedic care targeted children but got extended to patients of all ages. So, whether your newborn has clubfeet or your aging parents have arthritis, an orthopedics practitioner can help. 

Common Orthopedic Problems

An orthopedic doctor can treat a range of conditions, including: 

  • Muscle strains. 

  • Bone fractures.

  • Back and joint pain. 

  • Arthritis. 

  • Tendon and ligament injuries like ACL tears, tendonitis, and sprains. 

  • Limb deformities like bowlegs and clubfoot. 

Various surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments can correct these conditions. The non-surgical interventions for orthopedic conditions include exercises, immobilization, medications, and lifestyle changes. 

Conversely, the surgical interventions offered at orthopedic facilities include joint replacement, internal fixation, fusion, osteotomy, release surgery, and soft tissue repair. The type of treatment recommended for your orthopedic condition depends on your symptoms. 

When Should You See an Orthopedic Specialist?

Your skeletal system is complex, and any malfunction can affect your daily activities significantly. It's common to feel pain or discomfort, so knowing when to see an orthopedist isn't always easy. Nonetheless, these are the tell-tale signs you need an orthopedist:

  • Difficulties Performing Daily Activities

You may experience bone and joint discomfort regularly, but it shouldn't impede your daily routine. Thus, schedule an appointment with an orthopedist if you experience difficulties performing tasks like climbing the stairs or even simple exercises. 

  • You Experience Chronic Pain

Medics define chronic pain as any pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks. It's one thing to experience discomfort for several days, but there's a reason to worry if it lasts for weeks or months. In this case, you should seek immediate help from an orthopedist. 

  • A Limited Range of Motions

If your joints start to feel tighter, you could be battling arthritis, a debilitating musculoskeletal condition. Seeing an orthopedist early will prevent the condition from worsening. 

  • Instability While Standing or Walking

It's critical to see an orthopedic practitioner if you start to feel wobbly or shaky while performing hitherto effortless tasks such as walking or standing. The instability could point to an underlying condition with your joints, which an orthopedist can diagnose and treat. 

Seek Help From Experienced Orthopedists Today

A musculoskeletal condition can turn your life upside-down, thus the need to seek help from specialists. At First State Orthopedics, we pride ourselves on being the go-to orthopedic specialists in Delaware. 

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