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Knee With Injection

You gave me a shot? Dr. Michael J. Axe

Michael J. Axe, M.D.

You gave me a shot?

A patient who gets knee injections every 6 months was at a recent appointment. He asked for our distraction blue squeeze ball. We didn’t have any because of Covid. We don’t allow the patients to squeeze our staff's hands for the obvious reasons of hygiene and pain. 

We always use cold spray to lessen the initial pinch of piercing the skin. Going through the capsule of the knee is always uncomfortable unless it has been numbed with anesthetic . We use a small bore needle to lessen both the skin and the capsule penetration pain.I warn my patients with the word “stick “ as I enter the joint. 

After completing the injection, I said I would see him back for his second injection. He was so pleased he never felt the injection and left smiling from ear to ear.

Next injection will hopefully be just as painless.