Nurse Case Managers

Claire Currey: Clinical case management for Dr.'s Axe, Brady, Handling, Johnson, and Kahlon.
Phone: (302) 354-8946 Fax: (302) 861-3707

FSO Administrative Staff Contacts

Workers Comp and Auto Department

Scheduling New WC patients and verifying WC insurances:

Jenn Wilson x 1695

Amber Keen x 1624

Verifying PIP related claims

Tricia Abrams x 1697

Collections and management of active PIP accounts

Tina Ritchie x 1696

Office notes and Delaware WC Physician Forms

Jo Caramanico x 1607

WC based accounts and Accounts in Litigation:

Amy Marcheski x 1614 Account management for Dr.'s Michael Axe, Jeremie Axe, Pan, Manifold and Tooze

Dana Whitlock x 1614 Account management for Johnson, Kahlon, Leitman and Sowa

Kim Hutchinson x 1617 Account management for Dr.'s Ginsberg, Rudin and Zaslavsky. FSO account negotiations. Managing supervisor of WC/AA department.

Maria Cruz x 1606 Account management for Dr.'s Bodenstab, Fsic, Pushkarewicz and Straight.

Karen Keane x 1629 Account management for Crain, Gotha, Raisis and Smucker.

Tara Harris x 1631 Account management for Dr.'s Moran, Newell, Mavrakakis and Brady Handling.

Physician Secretary Contact Info

Secretaries are responsible for the scheduling, invoicing and collections of legal requests including: deposition dates, teleconferences, office conferences and reports.

Supervisor Liz Cosgrove x 1121 or

Tina Callis x 1122, Dr.'s Sowa, Handling, Jeremie Axe

Susan Lau x 4111, Dr.'s Tooze, Mavrakakis, Pan

Janice Williams x 1126, Dr. Raisis, Smucker and Dr. Pushkarewicz

Joan Palmer x 1123, Dr.'s Crain, Straight and Kahlon

Tracy Ellison x 4150, Dr. Manifold and PA's Dixon, Sealund, Wright

Kristi Madonna x 1102, Dr.'s Johnson, Bodenstab and Leitman

Lauren Flanaganx 1152, Dr.'s Rudin and Zaslavsky

Laurie Savaren x 1125, Dr.'s Brady, Gotha and Michael Axe

Amanda Sakowski x 1128, Dr.'s Ginsberg, Moran, and Newell

For any issues involving a patient’s prescription or clinical orders please contact the secretary. A message will be tasked to the clinical staff to be addressed after office hours.

**For Medical Records requests, please contact the medical records staff at extension 1041